Friday, September 13, 2013


I have to laugh at the outrage so many people have as Russia's leaders warn the U.S. that we are not exceptional.  Last night watching the news of the stuffed shirts complaining about Putin's comments was almost to much to take, especially after the next story that aired.  It is about how many American school systems have had late openings due to lack of funding.  Thousands of teachers have been fired, hundreds of schools have been closed, music-art-sports and other creative programs have been shuttered.  Even school nurses have been done away with.  Meanwhile we still spend more on weapons for the military and defense programs than the next dozen or so nations on the globe put together.

And we are exceptional?

My fellow blogger Joe Monahan had an exceptional piece today outlining the labyrinth of cash being passed back and forth on behalf of the Governor's dumping of New Mexico Behavorial Healthcare providers in favor of Arizona providers.  Money is also being used to find and register voters who are opposed to the nation's new health insurance law.  All of this is being done by friends of her rightwing political hack, Jay McClesky.

Exceptional is not a word I would use on the Mayor's plan to urbanize the Rio Grande in Albuquerque.  His lack of an environmental study on this ill advised project is reason enough to slow this down.  We are one of the few cities in the nation to allow a wild river to exist through the middle of it.  It is unique.  Hopefully, this whole effort will be cognizant of that.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Alas, American Exceptionalism is one of those things you can't seem to mess with.

Being the world's biggest warmongers doesn't phase anyone nor does running a world economy that deprives billions for the benefit of a few.

Possibly our rapidly declining standing in the kinds of statistics that measure things like health, live births, life expectancy, education, income and living standard etc., which you aren't seeing bandied about any more now that we are down at the mid level in most of them instead of at the top, might alter our view of ourselves, one day.