Friday, September 27, 2013


The Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce shows it's lack of vision in supporting development and testing of weapons over the generation and transfer of renewable energy.  It wants White Sands Missile Range to keep on trucking with their defense industry partners.  They are the Neanderthals who are trying to kill the long planned Sun Zia transmission line across the northern extension area of the range.  That area has people living in it.   This extension area is rarely used.  And these weapons that are being tested?  Who will they be used against to get the production line and profits fired up for the one per centers?

The Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board is substituting political science for earth science in saying the drought is not reason enough to curtail grazing on lands turning to desert.  The cry baby ranchers who are objecting to removing their cattle from ravaged lands are part of the right wing effort to blame government for everything and the Journal bought in.  As a matter of fact the Forest Service has real scientists working for it and they feel the resources will be ruined for decades if action isn't taken.  And the ranchers and Journal seem upset that the lease fees for this publicly owned land will stay in effect.  Those fees have not been raised in decades as a way for subsidizing and providing welfare to public land ranchers. 


Pete Dinelli said...

Our second live TV debate is scheduled for this Sunday @ 10:00 on Channel 4. I would hope you would make time to watch it and tell friends. Best wishes.

Pete Dinelli

Anonymous said...

Dang, Jim, how about a modicum of sensitivity. These guys are losing a lot, if not all, of their livelihood. Akin to being laid off without unemployment benefits. I understand your sentiments, but no need to be so harsh.

Matt Baca

Jim Baca said...

Matt Baca....these are the same guys from all over the west who are insisting that their congressmen repeal healthcare and food stamps for the poor. Where is the mercy there? Of course there are good guys amongst the ranchers, but their trade organizations are right up there with the NRA in being wackos! Many just want their continued low grazing fees and work behind the scenes to screw everyone else.

Latina From Nuevo Mexico said...

I disagree with Matt. Back when certain legislators were trying to get ranch/farm workers I attended the committee meetings. The ranchers were there with their wives wearing fur coats and diamonds. They assured the committee that they took care of their own people. Yeah, sure they don't and didn't.

Latina from Nuevo Mexico said...

Edit: ...were trying to get workers comp for ranch/farm workers...

Bubba Muntzer said...

The "jobs" and "livelihoods" conundrum will be with us as long as our economy is determined by profit and not peoples' needs, by Capitalism.

This time it's ranchers. Before it was loggers, auto workers, fishermen, whatever. The trucking industry continually lobbies to slow down pollution regulations while it burns up fossil fuel by the tanker load, and its main function, as is the function of the US economy, is to get to market things that will soon be in a landfill leaching toxins into the water supply.

The people trying to find alternative ways to do Capitalism have good intentions, but it won't work. It's not enough, because Capitalism keeps expanding, as it must, and using up resources. You put your finger in the dike here and two holes spring over there. Since the movement to introduce cap and trade, carbon taxes and foster alternative energy supplies got going in the late 80s and 90s greenhouse gases have quadrupled.

Capitalism has to keep expanding or you have a crisis. That's its nature. "Now is not the time," Obama keeps saying, to attend to the environment. He knows. Corporate boards and CEOs responsibility is not to the environment but to stockholders.

Anyone own stocks? Anyone thought to themselves, 'Let their value go down. I don't need that money. I'll move into a mobile home, ride the bus, sell this stuff I have laying around.' I haven't.

But keep Capitalism, keep needing those jobs, kiss the future goodbye.