Thursday, September 12, 2013


An old friend and co worker of mine bought lunch for me yesterday and we lamented the state of politics in New Mexico right now.  That is pretty much normal for the two of us when we get together. And normal for me all the time.

The main course, other than a Ruben sandwich, is that the less a politician does these days the more likely he is to get good ratings from the public and it's smaller subset of voters.  Governor Susannah and Mayor Berry are prime examples of this.  They have no programs, economic development initiatives that have created jobs, and no great vision that they want to see come true in their terms.  They just want to keep the folks happy by avoiding hard work and controversy.   That way no one gets angry with them.  And New Mexico will suffer for it as the region surpasses us in providing good jobs and a growing middle class.

This morning at coffee with another friend we were trying to figure out why the editor of the Albuquerque Journal would put out favorability polls on the APS Superintendent and the UNM President.  Who would even know their names?  And so any data you look at will be mostly people who will say, "Who are these guys?"   Here is an idea for the Journal that would take some real integrity.  Show  us a poll of what the public thinks of your newspaper.  Give us a lot of demographics along with that.  We are after all....your customers!  We would like to know if everyone thinks you are  a rag or a piece of silk!  It would be much more meaningful than a favorability poll on people who are unknown.  Of course, so few people are reading newspapers these days that this might be equally inconclusive.


Dan said...


Please comment on Berry ducking out of the second ABQ The Plan (for destroying our Bosque). The first meeting he had was a diaster with hundreds of residents speaking against Berry and the Plan. The second meet has long been scheduled for next week and Berry was supposed to be at this one. Today we get notice that Berry has cancelled this second meeting. No new date given, but he is probably going to do it after the election when he figures he can destroy our Bosque and we will be stuck with him for 4 more years.

The Sierra Club just endorsed Dinelli and I sure hope they (or someone) does a commercial or massive flyer to all Albuquerque voters telling them that a vote for Berry is a vote to destroy our Bosque.

Mr. Nice Guy Berry is going to ruin our Bosque if the voters don't wake up.

Your comments?


Anonymous said...

Does the Albuquerque Journal pay gross receipts tax on the sale of its newspapers? If not, why not?