Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Corporate Media

Why does the national media,  both print and broadcast, run national stories about what the new models of iPhones are?  Is this news more important than about a million other things they could be covering that might really make a difference in someones life?

The latests trend in TV commercials are people who walk by other people and stare at them.  Just watch and see.  It is as bad as all the football commercials during the games that have country western music playing along side pictures of dirty pick up trucks.  Or those the lame beer commercials that show all American males as clueless junk food eating imbeciles.  And the Viagra type commercials that show happily married middle aged couples with that awful music playing making goo goo eyes at each other before heading off the the bedroom.   How many times can we stand to watch these?  We pretty much use the DVR now and skip through them.

We had a great couple of days in Pendairies, NM playing golf.  We finished our last game around noon this morning and drove back 150 miles to Albuquerque in a good rain.

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