Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Minimum Morality

The minimum wage has become a victim of the minimum morality of the Republican Party.  Every one of those GOP Congressmen deserves some special punishment before they die. I think working in a fast food joint for 20 years or until death would be just.  How long do they think they can keep screwing the workers before they are overthrown?  And I just hope it isn't only at the ballot box. And the American corporate elite, who fund them to do this, will need to pay too.  Comments are welcome on cruel and unusual punishment they deserve.


Anonymous said...

Send them to Oklahoma to test potential execution drugs.

Anonymous said...

The wage inequality is alive and well in Albuquerque. Mayor Berry forces the lowest paid city security workers to take 2 days of unpaid leave in the next 6 weeks and gives Rob Perry (who's management is the reason the DoJ is here) a $35,000 pay raise.

Why? Because Berry and his high paid pals are vultures picking the city clean. Rob Perry now makes $180,000 per year! City Security worker? Around $22,000 per year. And it is the city security worker who has to take 2 days off without pay.

Berry is driving this city into the abyss. The rich get richer on the backs of the poor here in Albuquerque.

Anonymous said...

Berry opposed the minimum wage initiative three years ago and even after it passed by 66%, he made sure his City Attorney dragged his feet on enforcement. The City Attorney said it was the worker who had the burden to enforce by hiring their own attorneys. Right, people being paid minimum wage need to hire attorneys at $150 to $250 an hour to get paid their $8.50 and hour. The City Attorney with Berry's blessing has done absolutely nothing to make sure the business community is following the law. Berry's opponent supported and vowed to enforce the minimum wage but no one cared and only 19% of eligible voters showed up. Hard to figure people out and those who do not vote and when they do vote, they vote against their own best interests. We deserve the people we elect.

Vicki said...

We CAN do something locally about the minimum wage and the the huge gap in wealth in our state. Get rid of Martinez. There are 5 candidates running for the Democratic nomination. Anyone of them will support an increase in the minimum wage. But you have to be registered to vote, and if you're registered as an independent, change your party affiliation to Democrat by the May 6th registration deadline and vote in the June 3rd Primary. We have the numbers and can vote Susana out of office, simple as that. There are sine excelent Democrats running for Governor, but we all need to be active in this non-Presidential election year. Support your candidate (I'm for Alan Webber), give them time and money as you can. Don't be apathetic, we have to get vote out. Talk to and email and Facebook everyone you know how important it is to vote in 2014. Fight back against the GOP/Plutocracy by voting out Susana Martinez and voting in progressive candidates into state office.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Martinez and Mayor Berry, both republicans, have no clue on what to do about the failing NM economy and the state's dismal ranking in quality of life indicators. If Abq loses Intel, gets lab funding cuts, or is affected by Kirtland AFB closure, it will be on the shoulders of these two political laggards.

Anonymous said...


I was hopeful like you are at one time. I also thought that Webber would be just what the doctor ordered based on his talking points and background.

Unfortunately, my observations based on how they are managing their website so far, lead me to believe that if they can’t get that right, how could he possibly manage the State government, not to mention that you need some crisis management skills to do it. Their sign up for emails on their website doesn’t work and no one responds to the volunteer phone number. If Webber can’t get simple things like that to work, he’ll never be able to lead NM like we need and Martinez will blow him out of the water.

I think the ONLY hope for this city and state is to recall Berry and oust Martinez. If that doesn’t happen and you think things are bad now, just wait. Once she gets reelected, she and Berry will be even more aggressive on changing laws and eliminating individual rights.

Even though there are a lot of grass-roots movements right now, they are not organized enough nor do they work together sufficiently to counter the Martinez/Berry machine. There is a lot of energy output but it's not efficient nor unified enough with ONE voice to get the result. They appear to be all interested in their specific cause rather than the big picture.

I expect that things will get A LOT worse after November and we will continue to spiral downward as a result. We will be stuck with the Martinez/Berry machine. Hold on to your hat.