Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bait and Switch

The Bait and Switch has started again on gun control.  Senator Heinrich and Udall want to limit the capacity of assault rifle magazines and not let terrorists buy the weapons.  This is meaningless and cowardly.  And our two democratic Congress Reps say nothing but they do ask for money for their campaigns.

I am not a one issue voter, but the time might have come for me to vote that way because my grandchildren shouldn't grow up in a nation with assault weapons available to every crazy person, religious or otherwise.  Anything less is selling out to the NRA.

I do understand the political calculus here.  Heinrich and Udall might be defeated if they come out for  an assault weapons ban before the next election.  But what a way to go, with a statement for morality and common sense.

I have talked with three close friends who will never vote for any of our Dems again unless they vote to make assault rifles illegal.  And I am going to join them.

Another friend came up with an idea today.  That all assault weapon opponents of all colors and persuasions joint the NRA.  Then take it over.  It is not a bad idea.  Can you imagine hundreds of thousands of new members overthrowing the Board and Staff?  Democracy in action.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean you will vote for the GOP over a Dem?

Anonymous said...

Unless you are in the military or law enforcement, why does any law abiding citizen need an AR-15 and high capacity magazines? Its clear that assault weapons are a tool of war. Its kinda like buying a tank to use as your family car.The influence of the NRA over elected officials and over those running for office must be stopped but both Udall and Heinrich will always do whatever it takes to hold onto their seats in Congress even if it means not having any backbone. The mass shootings that occurred in Orlando, Florida (49 killed, 50 injured), Blacksburg, Va. (32 killed), Newton, Conn. (27 killed) San Ysidro, Cal (21 killed), San Bernardino, (14 killed), Edmon Oklahoma (14 killed), Fort Hood (13 killed), Binghamton, NY (13 killed) Washigton, DC (12 killed), Aurora,Colrado (12 killed) have got to stop. The madness continues with the sale and manufacture of high capacity assault weapons and it has got to stop but won't as long as the NRA wields so much influence and money in this age of Citizens United.

Jim Baca said...

If there were a moderate republican who would actually work for an assault weapons ban I would vote for that person, how ever there are no longer any moderate republicans so I might just skip voting for a Dem who takes money from the NRA and refuses to support such a ban.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I'm with you.

Anonymous said...

I think the term 'assault weapon' is too poorly defined. I'd prefer something more concrete, say "any gun (rifle, shotgun, pistol, etc.) that holds more than 4 rounds or has an interchangeable magazine". For legitimate uses of guns (hunting, slaughtering animals, target shooting, ...) if you can't do it with 4 rounds you've already screwed up. Anything more is just a toy or for killing people.

Anonymous said...

Hit the nail on the head. start enrolling new NRA members with the intention of taking it over!! im in!! you have the forum to get that done. that would be historical!!! HISTORICAL!! AND HYSTERICAL!!