Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Run Away

One of my favorite songs in High School was Del Shannon's 'Runaway."  Now, the Governor has run away for the election.  No love for the GOP in the Land of Enchantment today.

After six years in office she decided this was a good time for a first trip to see if she can get some private sector jobs located in NM.  Susana pretty much hates government jobs, especially those well paying federal jobs.  They have kept the state afloat but I can't ever recall her going to DC to try and get some more located here.  No, she went to Chicago for some reason.  Maybe with all the bullets flying, thanks to our NRA's obstruction of regulation, she thinks some companies will flee the windy city.

Probably she doesn't want to be near cameras in NM when Trump forces here claim a victory.  She is such a coward she will flee one thousand miles so she won't have to explain her party's racist candidate.

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Anonymous said...

"Runaway". One of my all time favorites, too. Thanks for posting. And, yes, very accurate on the Gov.