Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Remember the Alamo

I dug up this old photo of Bruce King and I attending the annual roundup on the Alamo ranch back in 1978.  Bruce was running for a second term as Governor and I was working as his press secretary.  The huge ranch is northwest of Rio Rancho.

Now we see that the Pueblo of Santa Ana has purchased the Alamo Ranch from the King family.  I think this is about the best thing that could happen to the property.  It is a beautiful piece of New Mexican landscape and the Pueblo will most likely make sure it does not succumb to sprawl development.

The Santa Ana Casino is enabling the Pueblo to buy back the property, and that is a very positive use of the money.  Congratulations to both the Pueblo and King family.


New Mexican said...

Talk about two New Mexican "hayseeds", what a picture.

Bubba Muntzer said...

That's a great photo on several levels.

But geez he must have been paying you well to afford that kind of camera. And good god were you doing curls with TV reporters in those days? No wonder you're a good golfer. You must spend a lot of time up at the green waiting for the rest of the party to catch up.

John said...

Thanks for the help and introductions that year. Love the bare-handed calf-wrestler in the background.