Friday, June 17, 2016


State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn has thought up another subsidy for the oil and gas industry.  At first I thought, upon seeing the story, that he was showing some common sense in getting rogue oil and gas operators to clean up their mess.  But, as it turns out he is asking for legislation that would allow him to take money out of the State Land Maintenance Fund to clean up the oil spills for the industry.  He is letting them off the hook for the cost of their sloppiness.  Does this proposal make these criminals less likely to respond to demands for cleanups?  And don't forget that surplus monies in the State Land Maintenance Fund would go to the beneficiaries of the Land Office,  and that would be the common schools.

It is good that Dunn thinks the Lands must be restored.  Asking for a new oil and gas fee at the land office for a cleanup fund makes more sense.

President Obama and his family will tour Carlsbad Caverns today.  If they have never been there before I have a feeling they will be awed by its magnificence.  It was always a favorite place for our family to visit as the kids were growing up.

It is nice to have Senator Heinrich and Udall being supported of our National Parks and public lands. After dumping on them yesterday for their lack of cajones in banning assault weapons, I will say their work on conservation is stellar.

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