Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The State of New Mexico and it's largest City, Albuquerque, have been under the hapless leadership of elected Republican leadership for more than half a decade.  At a time when strong economic and social leadership was most needed, following the 2008 meltdown of the Global Economy, we opted for the crowd  that said less is good.  Less efforts at economic development, less efforts at nurturing high paying federal jobs, less efforts at taking care of our children and their educations.  The list could go on.

The thing that seems to personify all of this poor state of affairs is the Mayor's ART project.  Nothing has gone right with this.  But the stubbornness continues with no Plan B in sight.  It is just something that has the support of no one.

There is nothing wrong with stepping back once in a while and saying, 'this isn't working."  But that doesn't seem to be in the lexicon of Mayor Berry and his CAO Rob Perry.  It is much like Governor Susana Martinez and her complete lack of energy on working with the legislature to do something besides cut corporate and business taxes.  That isn't working either.

The elections to replace these office holders are coming soon, and if we don't pick some energetic and innovative leadership, then the Land of Enchantment won't be so enchanting any longer.

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