Friday, June 03, 2016


The Mayor and APD Chief has decided to make a high profile effort of catching the rock throwers from the Trump rally.  Sure, we want them caught, but what a great PR opportunity, right?

In the meantime  the DA has dropped charges against suspects in a drive by murder because the investigation by APD was so terribly flawed.  Lives have been disrupted, reputations ruined and not a peep from the Mayor.  All Chief Gordon Eden could do was say they strive to do the right thing.  Weak.

One can only wonder how much longer this can go on.


Anonymous said...

Great points Jim!

Anonymous said...

Where is the media? Where is a hard hitting reporter who calls Berry out for disappearing on this? That confronts Eden with this horrible investigation by his detectives? The civil suits are coming (again) against APD and the taxpayers will pay. Remember APD Homicide and the two traveling salesmen? That was a couple million. How about APD homicide and the mentally retarded guy they accused of murdering / raping a 11 year old girl. That guy spent 3 years at MDC, innocent. APD and the District Attorney got hammered and Albuquerque taxpayers had to pay out millions. And no one at APD ever is held accountable

Bubba Muntzer said...

I think your point about PR is a good one. The city, and now the police department, are run from that perspective, it seems to me.

Everything mayor Marion Berry says and does makes that clear but I keep thinking about the Trump rally. The impression I got from the news coverage is that the police held back and were trying to make sure they didn't become part of the story, as they have in the recent past when they trotted out the armored vehicles and tear gas and horses, and pictures were taken even by the Journal that extended that event far into the future and in a way the mayor probably doesn't care for. As if their main concern was the PR aspect and not necessarily safety.

Of course, in the case of the recent history of the APD it can be argued that them not showing up increases the safety of the general public and maybe the chief and mayor have finally come to realize that on some level.