Thursday, June 30, 2016

Friends Now

This is a photo taken last night of my brother Tom and Dinh Ngoc Truc.  They met in 2008 when National Geographic was doing a documentary on a mission that my brother flew as a helicopter pilot.  True served as a guide and interpreter during the production in Vietnam.  See the documentary here.

Truc had been a member of the NVA at the end of the conflict.  He was an anti aircraft gunner who was sent into the South to help unify the country.  Truc now runs a company specializing in tours of Viet Nam for tourists and former soldiers and airmen.  My brother and a dozen of his aviation friends from the conflict took a two week tour last year.  Now Truc has come to America for a five week tour and is being hosted by those aviators.

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New Mexican said...

Great picture. Makes a person stop and think. In most cases people do what is required of them.