Monday, June 06, 2016

Middle of the Road

'Middle of the Road' usually refers to someone who is neither hot nor cold, brave or cowardly, right nor left wing.  But my post today is not about any of those.

It is about the lack of Mayor Berry's administration to get some basic maintenance done on our city streets.  If you have been on any major thoroughfares recently you probably were driving down the middle of the road since, as far as I can tell, there has not been a new paint stripe put down in years.  This is a safety issue and it does cause problems.

I can actually remember getting street sweepers coming by a couple of time a year in our neighborhood.  Haven't seen one in a long, long time.

And then there is our city park.  It is called Dulcinea Park.  It looks like an abandoned neighbors house with weeds and invasive plants interspersed with a few blades of dried out grass.  The parks maintenance man I spoke with thinks the Mayor wants to privatize all parks work, so he is letting things go to hell in hopes of getting support for his plan.  I have yet to see workers in the park this year except for a guy who came out last week to fix the irrigation system.

This was always a very nicely maintained park in the past.  But no more.  One more indication of a failed city administration.  We don't hear about the little things like this because of alleged crime growth  and APD's problems.

But the little things do add up.


Anonymous said...

ABQ is a dead city walking. You'd have to be foolish not to see this.

Meanwhile, we're no. 2 -- in per capita car thefts.

You know you're in a world of hurt when you are looking DOWN at Stockton, Lodi and Bakersfield.

Get your act together, New Mexico!

Bubba Muntzer said...

Meanwhile his project to turn Central Avenue in a pedestrian mall is seriously impeding my access to Golden Pride smoked chicken. Central on the west side has been one lane for three weeks. A lot of utilities are being relocated.

This project will change the character of the city. Along Central, Route 66, are many if not most of the iconic scenes and settings that make Albuquerque unique. Next time you drive through town on Central note how the skyline looks from ground level. All the ghastly big bank and corporate "skyscrapers" have been kept well back from Central as if there was a conscious effort made to preserve it's beautiful, classic, iconic appearance.

These pedestrian mall projects almost always fail. I don't know how that information has been kept out of the public eye. When it does fail and proves to annoy the hell out of everyone, some future mayor will step up and put Central back the way it was, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Hope your asking all those who are talking to you about running for Mayor about basic maintenance of parks and streets as well as privatization of services. Watch their eyes "glaze" over.

Anonymous said...

Berrywinkle also wants to privatize the BioPark now that he rammed a 15 year tax for it down our throats. He got rid of permanent staffers and now has his favorite temp agency filling those jobs. But he did hire a new BioPark Czar in addition to the existing director. Guess where his salary is coming from?