Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bell Curve

I have been thinking a lot about Bell Curves lately.  I vaguely remember them from some statistic and probability classes I took 45 years ago at UNM.   I have been trying to figure out where Trump would fit in this illustrated Bell Curve in any of a number of categories.

Assuming this is a curve for sanity, would he be in that infinitely small space where the line becomes almost flat at the right side?  At the furthest standard deviation possible in this universe?

Would he be at the same position at the left side for ego, derangement and racism?  Close perhaps.

And then where would his supporters who made his rise to the nomination possible reside?  Lets say on a level of dealing with real facts.  Probably right along side Fox News and Talk Radio.  The people who made those institutions possible......well, we should never forget who they are.  Just like the Board members and staff of the NRA.

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New Mexican said...

We know for sure he would not fit at the top (Same as others) in any category. Not hair style, not wealth, not finger length, not modesty, not knowledge of foreign affairs , or any affairs for that matter, not love for La Tejana Susana, not love for other Mexicans etc., etc.

He would not fit at the top in any category, far left or right of the curve for sure, but not the middle.

The FOX news watchers who got him the nomination..... well that is for another analysis at some other day.