Wednesday, June 01, 2016


My heart was with Bernie, but my early vote went to Hilary.  There is just too much at stake with Trump, a psychopath, aiming for the White House.  It just came down to my calculations that Hilary has a better shot at winning.  One thing is for sure, it will depend a lot on who she picks as a VP running mate.  It probably can't be Sanders, but it would have to be someone a lot like him.  There has to be a real conscience in the White House environs to make sure a third Clinton White House is environmentally and socially ethical.  This was a hard decision and I have heard more than one person express angst over the choice.

The one race in the New Mexico primary that I think is important more than most is the PRC contest between Cynthia Hall and Karen Montoya.  Incumbent Montoya has shown some serious ethical lapses as she raised money for other candidates from the people she should be regulating.  Cynthia is an honest and knowledgable candidate.  She should take this seat and make sure that renewable energy is encouraged at every opportunity in New Mexico.

And it is really important that the State House of Representatives be returned in November to Democratic control.  That  means picking the best and strongest candidates in the Democratic Primary.  


Anonymous said...

As usual you are way off base making unsubstantiated comments to promote your own agenda and candidates. Karen Montoya qualified for public finance and her opponent did not. Her opponent personally attacks Montoya in public degrading her as not being educated, not being a lawyer and then has supporters from the conservation community run negativetive ads against Montoya.

Bubba Muntzer said...

It's understandable voting for Hillary. A lot of people feel that way. At least you're honest about her. I personally think utter chaos would be preferable but that's me. I'm just afraid she's going to set the women's movement back a hundred years.

Oh, that we had a woman running like Melonie Mathews, one of the Gathering of Nations organizers, who told the University of New Mexico's top brass to their faces they were "a group inept, ham-handed chicken shits."

Will Hillary say that to congress the first time they're deadlocked? Will she say that to the generals when they lose the next war? Probably not. She probably tried that with Bill and it didn't work.

Donald F Schiff said...

That's a hell of a chip on your shoulder, Anonymous, and quite an incredible spin. The particular ethical lapse Jim mentions is well-documented. Karen Montoya had ex parte communications with regulated entities, and even read speeches ghost-written by PNM. The plain facts are that Montoya is ethically challenged in several ways. These are not actions to be tolerated by Democrats!

Cynthia Hall's application for public financing was rejected on a technicality. Rather than appeal, and risk losing weeks of the use of campaign money at a critical time, Ms. Hall decided to self-finance. That is not unethical, and it is not connected to conservation organizations' decision to endorse her and spend money independently.

Karen Montoya was qualified to be County Assessor, no matter how well or poorly she ran that office. Unfortunately, she was unprepared for the position of PRC Commissioner, and she's done a poor job representing us.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that, an ethically challenged politician in NM running for the PRC.