Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Heat

I just caught all kinds of hell on a Journal Facebook page for daring to say that  Bernie Sanders was beaten and that  he should give it up.  I sent him money early on because he was saying the right things, but he did lose the nomination and now some of his supporters think he was robbed.  One of them accused me of using drugs because of my comment.

He entered the contest under a set of rules that he knew existed, but now his campaign is crying foul and many supporters are acting like spoiled brats by saying they won't vote.  This is like the Tea Party in many ways, letting out of control emotions trump rationality.

On another subject one wonders if the heat is on the Governor seeing as New Mexico has fallen to last place in caring for its children.  Of course that heat  won't come from the Albuquerque Journal who put the story on the State Page instead of the front page.

In fairness, the front page did have a story on a bipartisan effort of Senator Heinrich on trying to enact some kind of gun control even if it is somewhat meaningless.  But he is trying and the heat he is feeling was evident in a sidebar story about his frustrations.  Udall was absent, but sometimes I forget he was one of the few that voted against the bush/cheney Iraq War.  It shows fortitude.

Still, in a country that made steel tipped lawn darts illegal, it is amazing that assault rifles are not.  As John Oliver said on his HBO show the other night, Planet Fitness has more members than the NRA, so what gives?


Bubba Muntzer said...

I'm not defending anyone's personal attacks against you and I agree with your assessment of them here but to provide some context for anyone who isn't aware, in the world of Bernie Sanders supporters on Facebook it's widely believed that there was a lot of fraud in the primaries. One example is that millions of votes in California weren't counted. Another is that at a convention of Democrats in Nevada the voting was arbitrarily ended by the chairwoman, a Clinton supporter, and the delegates were awarded to Clinton. There's a list of accusations covering many of the primaries. Social media has been very active this election cycle in this regard.

Reports and accusation that are spread around on a similar set of internet media and social media is why much of the Republican base believes there's a lot of voter fraud by Democrats and backs voting restrictions that many on the Left believe are for the purpose of suppressing the vote of people likely to vote Democratic.

I differ with you about Sanders supporters decision to not vote, however, for a Democrat like Hillary Clinton, who although, out of political necessity, sounds somewhat like a working class advocate now, has a history that's pretty much the opposite.

People think Democrats are liberal because they're in favor of gay marriage and abortion. Not so. On economic issues they've become indistinguishable from Republicans. Sanders showed what a Democrat should be like on economic issues but didn't make the larger case, that the party has moved far to the right on economic issues and has gotten away with it by campaigning against the specter of Republican's social conservatism, and his supporters are left angry and confused because of it.

But if Democrats can't even beat a Donald Trump, they themselves might finally get the message. The alternative, holding your nose and voting for a conservative Democrat again, is essentially a future of feudalism. The hope of college for your kids, the American Dream, are almost gone already.

Anonymous said...

What I have been having a hard time with from day one is that Bernie Sanders is NOT a Democrat, he is an Independent calling himself a "Socialist Democrat" and expecting all Democrats to fall all over him. The New Mexico Democrats tell him "mi casa es su casa" and Sanders then asks for the deed to the house without paying for it. After watching how "progressives" within the Democratic Party treated long time Democrat activists, the New Mexico Democratic Party is in serious trouble.

Proud Dem said...

Bernie Slanders and the Burnouts will use any excuse, including phoney Bernie math, to claim victory but the real truth is YOU LOST! Get over it! A women cleaned Bernie's clock and he LOST!

Proud Dem said...

The bottom line is Bernie Slanders LOST! Get over it and get used to it Burnouts because there's not a dam thing you're going to do about it. Yes, a women cleaned the socialist's clock. Bernie doesn't give a dam about the Democratic party, he only cares about himself.

Anonymous said...

Earth to Susana: Reading a book to a second-grade class as a photo op does not make you a teacher. No more than your buddy Hannah is. Oh Susana and Hannah - New Mexico education is a disgrace under your 'bold change' leadership. You can't blame this disgrace on Bill Richardson.