Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Bernie just has to give it up.  It is time.  He just didn't win the nomination although he certainly brought a conscience to the process.   He said everything I hoped he would.  Now we have to defeat the biggest racist candidate to run for the Presidency in my lifetime.  Trump may actually be a psychopath who wants to control the nuclear codes.  So far, he has managed to bring down a whole political party, albeit with their help since 1994 arrival of Newt Gingrich and the so called 'contract with America.'  Good Riddance.

One of the big wins for New Mexicans last night was the election of Cynthia Hall as a new PRC member.  She will bring an ethical aura to that beleaguered Commission.  She will give a realistic boost to the pursuit of renewable energy production.  She will work with PNM fairly.  She will face no GOP opposition, so she can fully prepare for her new office.  For all of its faults, PNM is really good at providing stable service, but it needs someone watching its policies.

Santolina, the sprawl land developer, has elected their primary TV actor to carry their water into the general election for County Commissioner.  Lets hope there is more to Steven Michael Quezada than that.


Anonymous said...

Feel the Bern! I hope he stays in through the Convention! Too bad everything was rigged for Hilary from the beginning with the Super delegates. What a lousy system! She is way better than Trump, but the ultimate choice between her and Trump is like having to pick getting punched in the face or kicked the nuts. I will take a punch in the face every time. This country has seen its better days.

New Mexican said...

He has to stay in until the convention. He has to put the pressure on until it hurts or Hillary will give the store to the Israelis. Something has to be done about the 100% support 100% of the time for Israel no matter what atrocities they commit, Bernie needs to put pressure on her on this matter and a few others. It does not seem that American politicians of both parties know that kowtowing to the Israelis is causing us a lot of problems.

Keep the heat on Bernie...... Then we can "come together".......

Bubba Muntzer said...

What they said.

About there being more to Steven Michael Quezada than carrying water for fat cat developers, he has more names than the other candidates. Why does he need to take up all that real estate? I'm against having so many names. It wastes everyone's time. Every time he comes up in conversation you have to stop what you're doing and say all those names. We should be spending our time working and being productive. I think the main reason New Mexico can't get out of a recession is Michelle Lujan Grisham.

Proud Dem said...

Bernie lost Burnouts, it's time to get over it, get used to it, and move on. On Tuesday Hillary is going to blow Bernie out, AGAIN, in a HUGE landslide in DC, so if u want to keep fighting go ahead and keep sending him $, cause he'll sure spend it.

In November Hillary is going to wipe the floor w Tramp's bleach blond hair weave.

Proud Dem said...

Get over it Burnouts, it's over and Hillary WON! On Tuesday she's going to beat Bernie, again, in a HUGE landslide in DC. Then in November she's going to wipe the floor with Tramp's bleach blond hair weave.

Hillary will be the next president of the USA!!!