Sunday, February 26, 2017


Steve Terrell of the Santa Fe New Mexican has a great story on the horrendous business of the Pay Day Loan Industry today.  These people are truly the scum of the earth.  As are the Legislators who carry their water for them in the efforts to regulate a business whose sole purpose is to make poor people even poorer.  And of course the enabler in chief is Governor Susana Martinez who has taken large donations from the scum, as have democratic and republican lawmakers.

There is also another category of folks that should take on the blame, and that is the lobbyists who grease the skids for this immorality.  Lobbying, on its own isn't evil in all cases.  A good ethical lobbyists can further discourse and debate.  But, the ones who take on clients like the short term loan folks have to be missing some of their moral compass.  


Bubba Muntzer said...

A very sad story indeed. I followed that bill, introduced by a good Democrat in a Democratic controlled legislature, as it faded and died and other Democrats had the payday loan sharks write the bill they wanted. But it wasn't like this woman was outraged or called her colleagues to account. She covered for them. You can't blame her though because that's just how it's done up there.

That's not all. Democrats shot down a bill to reform this back door privatization scheme called charter schools that can't outperform the public schools even when they cherry pick their students and don't serve any special needs kids, and then you had Democrats introducing a bill to water down whistleblower protections. The list goes on.

They whine, 'Well, the governor would just veto it anyway.' And why don't they want to make the governor veto it? What excuse will they use when there's not a Republican governor to cover for them?

I know people who go to these payday lenders. They're just people, who maybe didn't get the breaks you did or maybe had a kid who needed help and they spent the rent money paying for the grandkid's leg braces. But we excuse ourselves for not looking at it like that because yes, some people can't manage money and they're not that bright and they're not whatever. They're still people. They're human beings. Why are we electing Democrats who can just sell them down the river like this and then go home to their nice suburban houses and pat their own kids on the head? We really need to wake up. This is us. These Democrats we elect are just people, too, doing what people do when you let them and we're letting them.

First we have to find out what they're doing and some of the independent media we have now are doing a better job covering it than the mainstream. If you go to my blog there are links to some of them on the right hand side. I don't know these people but they're performing a valuable public service so please follow and support them. With the kind of Democrats who have a lock hold on the party in Washington now the battle is at the the state and local.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Oh yea, you had two Democrats join with Republicans to shoot down a bill that would have automatically registered people to vote when they get their driver's licenses renewed. One of these twits said oh, people should have a free choice in that.

Sure, like they have a free choice in getting a driver's license. You're not forcing them to vote, just giving them a chance to. That bill would have helped Democrats. Maybe that's why they killed it. Why they didn't make the governor veto that one, too.

hereonearth said...

Scum indeed. Much too much of that going around.