Sunday, March 30, 2008

China Girl

This is a nice picture that my daughter Noelle took of herself at a Panda reserve near Chengdu, China. Noelle is traveling there on business for Intel. She endured a 16 hour flight in coach from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and then on to her destination on and airline named 'Dragon Air'.

I am amazed at the places she has already visited around the world at her age. As I recall I had been to Jaurez at that point in my life. I didn't start world traveling until my late thirties. I am also amazed that I can post this photo of her just a few hours after it was taken. What would we do without the internet now? That is kind of scary to think about.

Noelle has been to France, Swizterland, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Mexico, Thailand, Laos, Spain and a few other places I cant remember right now. I think this is great and that it bodes well for her. Come to think of it, her brother Justin is just as accomplished on the globe trotting.

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