Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Me Toos

All of the Congressional candidates from around the state who didn't get enough of the insider votes at the state pre-primary nominating conventions got on the ballot yesterday by turning in additional signature petitions. A few opted out but most took advantage of a hastily repealed law that would not have allowed them on the ballot if they didn't get the magic 20% of the delegate vote.

I am glad the legislature repealed that law but, in reality it wont do those candidates much good. I don't remember any candidate who didn't get that 20% going on to win the primary elections. I do recall candidates who got just over the 20% going on to win. Often the candidates who won the delegate votes don't go on to win either. I think the value of the process however is that at some point it will enable a really good outsider candidate to make a case that they are the best and then go on to win. What is the value in keeping any one from doing that?

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