Monday, March 10, 2008

Fact and Fiction

I am really into SciFi author Michael Flynn. I am reading his "In the Country of the Blind" in which he postulates a secret society controlling the future of mankind by the use of mathematical models and assasinations. The group formed when the concept of computers was postulated by Charles Babbage.

Anyway, he gets into this essay about fiction and fact. He says there is more truth in fiction and more lies in fact. I think he is right. Facts are merely things given to us by people who can't get rid of bias, no matter how hard they try. Fiction predicts things that usually come true.

I was reading this last night and thinking of the last couple of weeks politics. In the final analysis Clinton has maybe gained three or four net delegate votes. The media says she has broken the momentum of Obama. They say it as a fact. Obama on the other hand says pay attention to the math. He predicts there is no way she can over come him. This might be a fiction at this point but most likely it is true.

Meanwhile, it was reported this morning that the TV commercial Clinton used about the 3 a.m. phone call used a young girl actress who was eight years old when the stock footage was made. She is now eighteen years old and is working for Obama. How funny is that?

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