Friday, March 21, 2008

Richardson's Endorsement

I was really happy to see Governor Richardson step up to the endorsement of Barrack Obama. I think a lot of people don't realize it was a gutsy thing to do given the job ahead of him now.

I was talking with a long time Hispanic friend the other day who felt that Obama was going to lose the general election if nominated because African Americans and Latinos have too much bad blood between them. He says we don't see it in New Mexico but that it is very real in the rest of the country. I think this means that Bill Richardson will have a lot of work to do for Obama in the next eight months. We all know Richardson isn't afraid of hard campaigning and effective diplomacy. He is one person that can bridge this divide, assuming the divide exists.

So, I am quite certain the Governor will be out on the campaign trail quite often. There is no one that loves it more than him or is better at it than him. This is all good for the Obama campaign.

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Ned said...

Perfect timing, as usual. And perfect pitch. Maybe Hillary is thinking how great she could be if only she would back off at this point. No we don't need to see what happens in Pennsylvania, we don't need big fights over FL and LI. We need unity and momentum. Hillary could be a hero and a deserving potential VP candidate by gracefully swinging behind Barack at this point; if she hangs on, she doesn't deserve consideration. The Clinton people need to back off and quit throwing dirt at Obama. Some of that dirt will be hard to wash off in a general election campaign. The GOP will see it and throw more. So come on, Hillary! Be the smart, practical person you are reported to be by all my friends who know you. Don't be the person your campaign staff want you to be!