Monday, March 17, 2008


It feels like someone sat on my chest all night. When we came over the Arizona/New Mexico border yesterday the wind started wafting the juniper pollen into the car. We came back on Highway 60 from Phoenix. The trip through the Salt River Canyon was breathtaking. I just didn't know by breath would continue to be taken by the 50mph cross wind from Springerville to Socorro.

Everyone seems to have home remedies for this malady. My uncle swears by New Mexico raw honey. Another friend from Hawaii says I should take liquid Ecanasia before bed. Maybe the best thing to do is what my sister Carlota does this time of year. Leave NM for a month.

I watched the Nominating conventions via the Internet from Arizona. No surprises for me at all. I was especially glad to see Pearce beat Wilson in the convention. That shows me the extreme right wing is still in control of the GOP. We know that Wilson her self is pretty right wing too, but apparently not enough for her party. This all bodes well for Tom Udall.

Martin Heinrich will be the Democratic nominee in June despite a nice effort by Michelle Grisham Lujan. I foresee the Democratic Congressional Campaign committee getting behind him completely and that will help with his fund raising. I think he will have a challenging race against President bush campaign chairman Darren White, but that Martin will win because he is running against the President bush campaign chairman.

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