Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Loyalty Oaths

Dear Mayor Chavez,

I know folks like you always like to pile on. You and James Carville and other Clinton supporters are having such fun trying to eviscerate Governor Richardson for not taking a loyalty oath to Hillary that I wonder if you have thought ahead a few months. What if Hillary actually wins the nomination? How hard will it be to get Richardson and people like him back into the fold? How hard will they work after being accused of being Judas? How would a perceived moderate like McCain take advantage of all of this?

And, if as you all say the endorsement doesn't mean much at this point, why are you doing this?

We all know that you got to play golf for a few days with President Clinton. Is that what earned your loyalty? Or are there solid policy reasons? Or promises of jobs to get you out of town before the full impact of the city budget meltdown is felt? I sincerely would like to hear you tell us why you support Hillary so strongly so that we might see the light. We already know that Governor Richardson likes Obama's message of change and frank approach to the issues.

There is nothing wrong will calling out your opponents and supporters on their policy issues. But calling them out because they don't support your candidate is infantile.

I think the real problem for the Clinton supporters right now is that they know they have already lost and they might just be doing some early venting. Lets hope so.

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