Friday, March 07, 2008

Republican Nasty and Worrisome Trend

I really don't know Rod Adair, the republican State Senator from Roswell, but I have to say everytime I read his name he is involved in some nasty politics. He is calling fellow republican Ed Tinsley, one of the congressional candidates in the southern district, a 'Santa Fe Liberal." It seems Tinsley's big crime is that he owns a home in the State's Capitol.

In other words Adair is saying there is something wrong with Santa Feans. They are to be mistrusted. They are all bad people. They should be expunged. Put them up against a wall even though they live in the Land of Enchantment like many of us. This is the kind of stuff I just abhor about the politics being practiced today. It is meant to get groups of people hating each other for political gain. Adair is emulating despots like Milosevich and sectarian Mullahs.

The problem is that this stuff can work because it is now in many voters minds down there that Tinsley is a liberal and there is something wrong with people from Santa Fe. Nastiness trumps substance every time.

There is one other thing that is concerning me this morning. That is the fact that the national republican party is out fundraising the national Democratic party. This is not a good thing for all of our Congressional candidates because the republican neo-con crazies will do to the Democrats what Adair has done to one of his victims. Put them in a frame of denying they are something they are not. Send a few bucks to the Democratic party in DC to help counter this.

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Greg said...

Good morning Jim,

Good comments, but I think you have missed the point a bit. Having seen the piece you mentioned I wonder if you have read it.

First, it did not come from Rod Adair, it came from Aubrey Dunn. Adair was not mentioned in the mailing.

Second, the reference to Santa Fe and liberals were not directed at Santa Feans, but if the shoe fits. I would think you would be flattered to be called a liberal. Certainly you do not think it is a pejorative to be called a liberal.

Third, Ed Tinsley is a Santa Fe resident running for the southern New Mexico Congressional District. While it is legal to live outside the district, I think the voters of the 2nd district deserve to know that Tinsley and his wife make their primary residence in Santa Fe and not southern NM.

Fourth, with Senators Clinton and Obama raising $80 million monthly perhaps there is little money left for Democratic Congressional candidates or the Democratic National Committee, but of course that is not true. I would wager the DNC and the DCCC have raised a good deal of money and have out raised their Republicans counterparts. With control of both houses of Congress they should be ashamed if they have not out raised the Republicans.

Thanks for posting your insights and thanks for giving me the opportunity respond.