Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Late Night

I actually stayed awake last night until 11:30 watching the election returns. No huge surprises there for me except I thought that Obama might take Texas. A few weeks ago he was almost 20% down so this is still impressive, and he still leads in delegates.

I think the thing that astonishes me most is the information gathered from the exit polls. While American kids are still fighting and dying in Iraq the American public seemed to vote more on their paycheck and economic fears. This certainly played in Clinton's favor in Ohio which blames her husbands support of NAFTA as being the reason. They still voted for her. The economy is an important issue, but Obama has to reconnect the importance of ending the carnage in Iraq as being the best economic move we can make.

The other thing that amazed me is the age statistics. Clinton won the older voters by huge margins and Obama won the young ones. This should be very worrisome for the Democrats because it will be hard to keep the youngsters interested if they don't see Obama winning the nomination.

As I said yesterday, Clinton's negative TV ads worked, as they always do and we can now expect a lot more. Every time I read about them I will be less enamored with her efforts if she wins. She needs to stick to the high road if she wants folks like me to be there.

This truly is far from over. McCain sits in the wings rejuvenating himself while Clinton and Obama slug it out for at least two more months.

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