Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Munchie Night

I am treating tonight's Elections in Ohio and Texas as I would a Super Bowl night. I am breaking out the munchies, wine and beer and will stay with it until I can't stay awake any longer. Probably around 10:30!

Right now I am totally p.o.'d at the Clinton Campaign for purposely trying to weaken a front running Obama campaign with negative and silly ads. As we all know that strategy works and if Obama manages to move Hillary out of the picture tonight then he has to spend time and money recovering from it. That energy and money should be aimed at the '100 Year' war candidate John McCain.

I think I am feeling like a lot of Obama supporters. I feel that if Hillary is victorious in the race that my support will not be as fevered as it could have been if she hadn't done this stuff. Seriously!

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