Friday, March 14, 2008

Phoenix Girl

While our house sitter cleans his gun collection Bobbi and I will travel to Phoenix to spend the weekend with Noelle. We might even take in a spring training game.

Before I leave I want to give all of the political candidates for the Congressional races some advice. Saturday, you will participate in the Pre-Primary nominating conventions. You must remember one thing. Ten minutes after your delegate votes are counted up and announced they will amount to nothing more than a hill of beans. At that point the real campaign begins to win votes from the non-insiders. If you win the delegate vote count, by all means spin it and revel in it for about a day. Then go out and convince regular party members to vote for you in the June Primary election. The convention and election day in New Mexico are not really connected at all as far as amassing votes.

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maureen318 said...

I enjoy your blog. I agree totally with commens made to your March 7th 2008 blog by GREG. I think his comments are right on.