Sunday, March 09, 2008

Good Ol'e Harry

There is a great character in John Nichols' "Milagro Bean field War" who keeps bouncing back from certain death. Amarante Cordova just wouldn't succumb.

He came to mind today when I went by to see Harry Pavlides at the hospital. Harry had a triple bypass last Monday. This was on top of his bad kidneys, diabetes, and weak lungs. He has rebounded once again so that he may keep giving out his passionate advice to all who would be politicians.

I met Harry about 30 years ago when he came to work for the Bruce King campaign for Governor. Harry hasn't stopped talking since! He is an extremely interesting character who most in the political game in New Mexico have run across. He is one of those people who can make us see life's great universe of personalities, although he may be one of a kind.

Get well soon Harry!

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KathyF said...

Please give Harry my best. I enjoyed working with him on the Miles Nelson campaign.