Friday, March 28, 2008


Tell me something I don't know. The Juniper pollen is at a peak and I am zoned out for the third day in a row trying to fight it. Let's see, I am taking native honey, echanasia, Benadryl at night and Claritin (non drowsy) during the day. I feel like I am living in another dimension. (Kind of like Hillary must be feeling today after Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania endorsed Barack Obama)

The Albuquerque Journal announced this morning that Juniper pollen was at its peak and would continue heavily for a few more weeks. Groan. It also said that the reasons some people get pollen allergies and some don't are unknown. Some even say that if your mom smoked it would make you vulnerable. Well Mom smoked a lot but I doubt that means much. I had this malady as a child and into college. But then it disappeared for forty years only to start revisiting me three years ago. Weird.

The hardest part of all this really is the lack of energy brought on by labored breathing. Despite my weight problems I am an avid aerobics guy and walker. I just haven't been able to do it for a few days and I think that complicates things. It also feels like someone has lifted up my eyelids and poured sand under them. I know it could always be worse so I will not complain about it anymore. Zoned!

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~Nan said...

Try Zyrtec (OTC) instead. It works better and lasts longer.
Love your blog!

Timberon, NM (Southern Sac's, up here amidst the Alligator Juniper, PiƱons and Ponderosas)