Friday, October 24, 2008

63 + 63

I have a dilemma. Tonight I am hosting a reception in my home for my St. Pius X High School Graduating Class. We are now 63 years old and we graduated in 63. It is our 45th Reunion Year. Groan. It should be fun and we have a good crowd showing up including some of the faculty.

My yard is peppered with Obama, Udall and Heinrich signs. All pro choice candidates. I kind of wondered if that would offend anyone but I decided to leave the signs up. I am almost certain that politics will probably come up tonight so my preferences should be known immediately.

Just for fun. Here is my graduation picture.


Masshole said...

I'd like to take a stab at this one...I'll pretend i'm not a 37 year old lifelong democrat who moved here for good 15 years ago and channel Emily Post or Randy Cohen (The Ethicist):

Take the signs down. Tonight only. As the gracious host of this event it is your duty to provide a non-partisan, non-derisive atmosphere, suited to reminiscing of times-gone-by. At least in the tone you set in your front yard. Conversationally, inside the home, if the situation presents itself, get as political as you wish.

Put them back up at 6am tomorrow. No harm, no foul- mostly passers by can't see them at night anyway.

Tonight your political activism need to take a back seat to the high school reunion. Even if it's next to impossible for you to separate them for yourself, 45 years later.

Just be the 1963 Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo, what have you, not the "Only in New Mexico" politico.

phat-chance said...

The signs must be doing something ... or maybe it's something in the water. 37% of the Dems have already voted in 150.