Sunday, October 19, 2008


Republican and bush supporter Congressional Candidate Darren White has been sending out the vilest direct mail pieces I have ever seen to independent voters. A friend of mine brought them over including one that shows his opponent Martin Heinrich as a weasel. The pieces are slick and constant and it will probably shave some votes from Martin.

At the same time, after the endorsement of Barack Obama by Colin Powell, it may be there can be diminishing returns to such nauseating tactics. Powell pointed out that the nasty campaign advertising by McCain turned him off. Bigtime.

I saw the story on Darren White in the Albuquerque Journal this morning. I thought both stories were fair on White and Heinrich. However I was surprised to see that White was mustered out of the Army before his enlistment was up due to a 'knee' injury. Did he get a disability? Then he goes through a tough police academy? Just thinking that it is kind of strange.

Back to Powell. This endorsement was just the kind of momentum kick that the Obama campaign needed at this point. The stars are aligning.

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