Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A BIG Favor

The Republican Women’s Club official in Alamogordo who sent a fundamentalist and racist letter to her local newspaper did us all a BIG favor. She called Barack Obama a ‘Muslim socialist’. It really exposes the underbelly of American right wing politics and is at the same time a call to arms for all of us to remake America as an all encompassing nation.

This incident is really indicative of the bankrupt Republican Party and its tactics. Leaders of that hapless political organization should resolve to throw themselves out of power for the good of the country and let some new moderate types take over. It would be better for everyone.These tactics need to be placed in the dust bin of history.

Let’s start by repudiating the TV commercials of bush supporter Darren White against Martin Heinrich. Heinrich has more integrity in his little finger than the Darren White campaign has in it entire organization. I know Martin well. His wife Julie worked for me when I was Mayor. I visited Martin’s non profit organization, ‘Cotton Wood Gulch’ and raised money for him to introduce disadvantaged kids to the great western outdoors. I supported his candidacy for Albuquerque City Council where he did a fantastic job in bringing together a coalition to pass a minimum wage law for Albuquerque. The list of great things he has done could go on for quite a while.

I actually agree with a friend of mine who says that White’s commercials at this point will have little effect. It is just too late to throw out such charges. It should have been done months ago before people got comfortable with Martin’s candidacy. And if seventy percent of the voters cast their vote before Election Day then White is wasting his money anyway.

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