Monday, October 13, 2008


So, now all of us are wondering if Obama is peaking 4 weeks early. It is okay if people are early voting and absentee voting. However, the rudderless McCain campaign might blunder into some new issue that grabs people for a short time......Say three or four days before election day. We would like to think that folks are not that fickle. But, they are.

My friend who was in New York this last week took a ride to the airport with an African American taxi driver who said he was voting for McCain because Obama's good buddy was a terrorist. No matter what my friend said to the cabbie, he could not get him to change his mind. So, as you can see this process of throwing mud against the wall really does work many times. So, get everyone you know to the early voting locations as soon as you can. Besides, it is bound to save a lot of time for everyone on election day if many people have already voted.

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NewMexiKen said...

Anything can happen, but coming from this far behind this close to the election to win has only happened once in the past 19 elections (since 1936). Reagan came from behind to beat Carter in 1980.

And, even then, keep in mind, Carter was the incumbent and so, like McCain, represented the status quo.