Monday, October 27, 2008

A Phenomenon

I have lived my whole life in New Mexico, except for my time in the military and in Washington, DC. As a young reporter many years ago I routinely attended or observed political rallies. Nixon, Johnson, Carter, Reagan, Ford. I saw them all and was able to shake their hands. In my political years I got to speak at political rallies. The biggest one was for Clinton when 15,000 showed up at Civic Plaza. I think any chance I might have had at shaking hands with Obama was doomed at Johnson field because of the sheer mass of humanity that showed up. . Never, ever, have I seen a politician be able to turn out the crowds that Obama attracts. His rally in Albuquerque on Saturday was attended by 45,000. In Denver on Sunday 100,000 turned out. And these people didn't just have an easy time of it. They had to wait for many hours in long lines. It was a grueling experience. Yet there they were waiting to hear from a man who they think can provide the leadership to make this country great again.

These New Mexico political crowds are something we might not see again in our lifetime. In a way it must be frightening for Obama to see these masses lining up behind him. He now has to deliver.

The 1000 or more stalwart Republicans that attended the McCain rally were the real hardcore loyalists. I tip my hat to them for showing up. But, what can they be thinking now? To be so out gunned just a few hours after they showed up at a small venue they couldn't fill. It must be disheartening to say the least.

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