Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hit Job on Martin...Bad News For Darren-Updated

I was aghast at the hit job that KRQE News did on Martin Heinrich's Congressional campaign last night. They heavily criticized them because they didn't get an interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she attended a fundraiser the on Tuesday night for Martin. Republican Sheriff and bush lover Darren White used to be a reporter for the TV station. He also had one of these moments when bush came to town a few weeks ago to raise money for White but the press wasn't allowed to take pictures. There is still no photos of White and bush together that have been made public. Gee, I wonder why. Did KRQE do a story on that?

Now, the bad news for Darren White. The Republican Congressional Campaign Committee just pulled two of three weeks of advertising funding from the White Campaign. That $500,000 was to buy the last three weeks of TV ads for White. Are the Republicans writing it off? Or are they just broke and making clinical decisions in the use of their meager funds? I guess Wachovia's loan to the RNCC wasn't enough to cover Darren.

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