Tuesday, October 21, 2008

House Full

Starting tonight we have a full house around here. Our good friends Rachel and Booth from Austin will be arriving to stay with us for two weeks. They voted yesterday morning in Austin, Texas where they live and are coming in to help the Obama campaign in New Mexico. We already have one other political visitor, Attorney Eli Poupko is also from Austin, and is here helping Martin Heinrich's campaign.

All these good progressives love their native state of Texas but they don't see their efforts in Texas for Democrats being as productive as coming to a 'Battleground' state. I actually think they will be happy with the outcome here.

One still has to marvel at how campaigns continually run nastier and nastier ads and rhetoric. John McCain was a guy who I always kind of liked. But, no more. He has moved to the dark side and seems comfortable there. This tactic has lost him support, but this race is not over yet. It does look very difficult for him to win the electoral votes he needs.

I think it is really important that Obama wins both the popular and electoral votes. Sometimes I think that if bush had won both eight years ago there would not be strong feelings that he cheated to win. Oh, that's right. He used the Supreme Court to win. Two weeks and counting.

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