Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Low Point

Apparently republican Darren White has hit the low point in his campaign. He now has a TV spot up accusing Martin Heinrich of 'paling'' around with eco-terrorists. White has learned nothing from his friends above him on the ballot. He has also lost any respect I ever had for him, and I did have some.

When you stack this newest ad on top of the news of the lawsuits against the GOP in New Mexico this week, it makes one think that their party is really wandering into the wilderness and probably wont return to civilization for a decade. Pat Rodgers, bush, cheney, Justine Fox Young, Palin, McCain, Allen Weh might wish they knew some eco minded people as they sojourn into the back country of politics. No one will know or care about their exile and they will need better wits than they have shown this year to come back into the decency of the mainstream.

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