Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stuck in the Past?

The news for Newspapers in America is not good. Their circulation continues to decline and revenues in this recession will cause a real weeding out of marginal publications. This is not good for any of us even if we disagree with the editorial stands of most of these papers. I often disagree with the Albuquerque Journal. Some say they kill good trees to make a bad paper. But frankly, I don't know what I would do with out them informing me of real news every day. Their editorials mostly turn me off, but not always.

I have to say that I am bewildered that they are waiting so long to endorse in the major races this year. It makes no sense to endorse after 40% or 50% of the folks in their area of influence have already voted. Why is this happening? I have no clue. It is kind of weird.

I predict they will endorse the following people when they get around to it. Barack Obama, Tom Udall, and Darren White. I don't know if they will endorse in the other congressional races, but if they do I predict they will go with Tinsley down south and Lujan up north.

I am probably wrong on all of this but I will remind everyone of my predictions after they endorse.

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Avelino said...

They don't want to piss off campaigns that will pull advertising dollars...