Friday, October 03, 2008

She Kept Her Lunch Down

It is sad when the main comments about the debate are that Sarah Palin didn't do as bad as everyone expected. It is also delusional to think that she proved she would be ready to act as President if the need arose. In my opinion she resorted to jingoism, oil mania, and repetition to get her through the ninety minutes. She was more poised and heavily coached and that helped her fight her own image. I just felt there was an insubstantial air about her.

She really didn't alter the electoral map at all nor the sliding misfortunes of her ticket. McCain has decided to pull out of Michigan and use his resources elsewhere. His own Republican pundits were aghast at that one.

How does all of this affect us in New Mexico? Not much, unless you are concerned about your mortgage and your job. Not much unless you want to end the long and senseless war in Iraq. Palin's position on the Iraq war was the most egregious as far as I was concerned. Thousands of dead American men and women and tens of thousands dead Iraqis and she worries about a 'white flag of surrender!' This is bush and cheney all over again.


Roberto said...

With GOP enthusiasm about Palin sky-high, and her presidential qualifications restored by last nights debate, after McCain goes down in November, she should be the Republican frontrunner for 2012!

kathy a. said...

eh, what qualifications, roberto? there aren't many college courses -- ivy league to the sturdy but humble CC -- that one could pass by saying "i don't want to answer the questions, so i'll just talk about what i've got memorized here. [wink, wink, finger-wave]"

palin is dangerous. she has no idea how dangerous she is, which is, of course, one of the big problems with her.

Prabhu Singh said...

If you want to end this "long and senseless war in Iraq" then you better vote Nader, because Obama wants that "sweet" cash-cow to keep flowing for a minimum of 3 years. It's on his website in plain language. Along with his ideas that it's too 'radical' to eliminate insurance companies from the healthcare 'loop.'
While someone in his own party (Kucinich) has written a comprehensive bill (HR 676), and while 80% of the population wants single-payer healthcare, Democrats like Gore, Kerry, and Obama still think it's important that we are "insured" to be denied service.