Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I don't know what it is about the week before elections. I have all these weird dreams and wake up several times at night. I toss. I turn. I get up and drink water. And usually, I am a very sound sleeper.

This all happens whether I am a candidate, supporter, or tuned out during a particular election cycle. I think it harkens back to my first involvement in politics. I was working for Bruce King in his second Governor's campaign. He was running against the late Joe Skeen. On election night when the vote counting was over we were only a couple of thousand votes ahead. That lead held, but no one slept until the canvassing was done three weeks later.

The next election I was involved in was my first run for State Land Commissioner. I was the underdog in the Democratic primary against the oil and gas candidate. At midnight I was 8,000 votes behind and thought there was no way to make up the numbers. Bobbi and I went to bed about 1:30AM and I laid awake wondering what was next. As a new father I was worried about finding a job. Then at 3:00AM I was roused by a ringing phone. It was the Associated Press telling me that the final numbers were in and I surged ahead by 700 votes. I was incredulous. It was really simple though, the North had counted their votes. I didn't sleep for the next three weeks until the canvassing was done.

Now the sleeplessness is just a tradition I guess. Although there is more at stake in this election than ever before. Actually, someone told me that the most important election in their lifetime was in 2004. And that we Americans blew it. I think he is right.

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NewMexiKen said...

I agree that 2004 was important, and I voted for Kerry, but I believe he would have been a Jimmy Carter like president and we'd be facing a Republican comeback this election. The man is no executive.