Thursday, October 23, 2008


The National Rifle Association, which I belonged to as a young man, has said Barack Obama is a threat because he does not like concealed weapons. They are of the opinion that having a person with a concealed weapon at your kid's soccer match is a good idea. Well, it isn't. Make that person wear it out in the open so everyone can steer clear.

I have been opposed in my political races by the NRA because I opposed concealed weapons as Mayor of Albuquerque. It didn't matter that I own lots of guns and believe it is fine to carry one in your car and have one under your pillow. I just don't want them concealed out in public. This is a place where I don't agree with Governor Richardson. We have opposing views on this issue. But that never made him call me a threat or made me not support him. It is not an all or nothing thing with us.

So, as the NRA always does, they now attack Obama as a threat. Think of that. An organization that exists to now support mostly right wing causes and gun owners are saying Obama is threat. This kind of idiocy is why I quit the NRA years ago. It used to be they were proponents for gun safety, now they are proponents for the likes of bush and cheney. Disgusting.


Stephen said...

YES. The NRA and are really getting on my nerves with their smear ads lately. Sometimes 2-3 every half hour on some local channels.

NMCuMiner said...

Baca, what a loser. I saw on an earlier post you calling out the "dirty" oil and gas industry. Do you walk to work and heat your house with wood? The people of NM are better off without you in office in any capacity.

Jim Baca said...

I think the guy makes my point.