Sunday, August 23, 2009


After thinking about this mess with former Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil Giron I figured out how much money this Armando Gutierrez might have got away with. First he took a 17% administrative fee off the top the multi million dollar contract. Then I believe he might have recieved another 15% commission on every purchase of TV ads he made to air Rebecca's nauseous commercials. So, out of a 6+ million dollar contract he gets 32%! And that is what he got on monies actually expended. It remains to be seen where the other millions went.

Also, it was said that the lobbyists, Mr. and Mrs. Kupfer, cut in on the deal for 750K made their money to monitor that the TV ads followed federal law. That might have taken 4 hours work, max! That is pretty good wages.

It will really be interesting to follow every dime of that money too.

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