Tuesday, August 25, 2009


What is going on with Albuquerque City Government finances? We keep seeing stories about New Mexico state government finances and the challenges the Governor and legislature are facing. We all know that a starting points for cuts in the current budget for the state is three percent. But, what is happening in Mayor Chavez' administration to cope with the plummeting revenues? Nary a word from anyone.

The Mayors candidates are starting to attend forums to answer questions. I think a forum should be held on city finances and what we can expect in budgets after Marty Chavez and his double digit increases for most of his term. It is time to pay the piper. But, the news media just lets this issue slide while the campaign goes on. The city council candidates ought to debate this too.

At a forum in front of real estate developers yesterday Mayor Chavez said he wasn't elected to 'get along with people', but to do a job. Yet he used to attack me for not getting along with the council. Just wait until the true budget morass is revealed. Then he and the council will have to get along to solve the problem. They could take a cue from the Governor and legislators who seem to be working together.

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