Friday, August 28, 2009

How Much Did It Cost?

With the demise of any case against Governor Richardson and his staff one can only wonder how much money was spent by the federal prosecutors on this case. Also, how much money was spent by the defendants in hiring high priced attorneys to defend themselves in this year long debacle?

I wonder if that information can be pried out of the Justice Department. I hope so. Especially when we know that the bush White House and karl rove were insistent on politically inspired prosecutions.

I also wonder what this outcome will do to the case of a disgruntled state employee, Frank Foy, who has a civil case against the Governor on similar charges involving the state educational retirement system. He said he was illegally fired after he alleged improper actions on investments.

I think all of this can be forestalled in the future by the legislature enacting public financing for elections in New Mexico. That will take the favoritism out of the system, at least on a money basis.

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ched macquigg said...

I have to ask, as a disgruntled former employee myself; were does disgruntlement play. This is about the message, it is not about the messenger.

His allegations will be substantiated or they will not; independent of his alleged disgruntlement.