Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Bobbi and her Camry Hybrid got nailed by a guy making an illegal U turn today. No one was hurt and the guy was very apologetic and polite. Phone and policy numbers were exchanged. The problem was that his insurance company had canceled his policy. Bobbi called the police after the accident at 7:30 am or so. They said they had no officers available for at least an hour and to file a report. We then went to the police sub station at Rio Grande and Central to fill our an accident report. A really nice retired officer Greta Boyer helped us through the process. She really impressed me. Then we were off to the body shop for estimates. It comes in at about $5000 because the doors have to be replaced.

Our insurance is covered by State Farm which we have always found to be very responsive. We have uninsured motorist coverage so we won't be out much money. Just the deductible of $250 and 20% the cost of a rental car. Also, we have both been doing this stuff all day instead of working at our jobs.

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