Thursday, August 27, 2009


KRQE News was out with a scoop last night that says Governor Richardson and his staff will not be charged with any wrong doing in 'pay for play' allegations. The U.S. Attorney's office apparently just wasted millions of dollars and countless man hours pursuing a politician unnecessarily. Think what they have put the Governor through for the last year! He lost a cabinet appointment with the Obama administration and has been under constant stress.

So, what will we hear from the US Attorney's office? An apology? Don't count on it. But, maybe we can hear a farewell from the prosecutors who piped this thing up out of the ether. They should be held accountable for the mess and moved off into the sunset.

Whether you like the Governor or not, this kind of neverending action against someone is horrendous. Countless innuendo reaching the press will now dog the Governor and his staff forever. Just google his name and see what pops up.

I hope the Obama administration will appoint a new US Attorney in short order.


NM Fatboy said...

Wait a second, the US Attorney "wasted millions of dollars and countless man hours" by doing an investigation that appears to have resulted in no charges? Therefore the only worthy investigations are those that result in charges being filed? So we should only 'investigate' cases where the offenses are immediately obvious to any casual observer? There was weird behavior all over the place, huge sums of money being exchanged between people deeply involved in the machinations of our state government, but the USA's shouldn't have wasted their time looking at it because the DOJ's decided not file any charges? Doesn't that seem a bit circular to you?

Jim Baca said...

Well, how many grand juries heard this case anyway? Certainly more than one.

ched macquigg said...

Thanks to an entire industry built around escaping accountability to "the law", it is possible that the decision not to prosecute does not mean that no wrong doing took place. Nor does that mean that anyone needs to "apologize" for looking into credible allegations of misconduct.

For myself, I believe that there is pay to play, I believe that there is corruption, I believe that there is incompetence.

The problem is not that we are doing too much investigating, rather it is that, we are doing too little.

Rodney said...

Agreed, far too few investigations are taking place, particularly into the war crimes, no-bid contracts, who-when were involved in development of a so-called "national energy policy", politically motivated hirings/firings in the federal judicary and much more of the previous federal executives.