Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I recently switched my phone service to Comcast from Vonage. Vonage was having a lot of problems....for me anyway and I got a pretty good deal from Comcast. The cable guy showed up on time and did a great job. That is the good news.

Now I want to dump on Comcast for taking 160 jobs out of Albuquerque while still raking in huge profits from their franchised monopoly in our city. Their company profits for the last quarter rose 6%, even in this severe recession. So, why at this difficult time would they axe 160 much needed jobs here? That is definitely a question that the Mayor and City Council should ask the next time Comcast comes sniffing around for franchise improvements.

On another issue, you have a chance to vote on keeping New Mexico's distinctive red and yellow license plate on the road. I have always liked the plate because you can spot them from afar no matter where you might be. There is a plan to change the plate to some not so distinctive colors that just don't scream New Mexico like the current one does. Go here to vote!

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Rodney said...

I like the look of the proposed plate, it's pretty distinctive in color and image too. I voted to have it as an option. I think the balloon plates are rather boring and only relate to a single area in the state, ABQ, not the entire state. Options are good.