Monday, August 31, 2009

Auction Bizzaro

This formerly filthy rich guy John MacAfee, whose software protects most peoples computers, has hit hard times and is auctioning off all of his assets. His investments turned his $100 million into $4 million. It is really strange but this story has got more legs than I would have ever given it. I guess we consumers of news just want the comfort that the middle and lower classes are not the only ones who have been hosed by the economy over the last 18 months.

Sure, he has $4 million left and who wouldn't feel comfortable with that? He seems from interviews to be a guy who is just fine with it and now seems to aspire to a minimalist life. That sort of follows the trend of people saving a lot more money these days. Of course that slows down the economic recovery but it is also a welcome return to prudence.

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