Monday, August 03, 2009

Paranoia Runs Deep

Now, if I were a paranoid person I would suspect that the Republican Party, which is sponsored by Yates Petroleum and the oil and gas boys, decided to start funding rightwing non profits to attack democrats because they knew all along that the State of New Mexico's stand against such progressive non profits would fail on constitutional grounds. Well that suit did fail today when Federal Judge Judith Herrera sided with the nonprofits and against the State Attorney General Gary King and Secretary of State Mary Herrera. They had insisted that nonprofits make their donors known under campaign contribution laws. The nonprofits merely presented voting records of legislators. Yeah, sometimes they were pretty strong and left the impression that those legislators were agents of Satan. And yeah they went after some entrenched democrats.

A paranoid person would suspect that the GOP/Oil Axis just loved the law suit because it gave them breathing room until they could get their merde together to do the same thing the progressive groups did. At least the progressives were non partisan about it. I am sure the wing nuts on the right will be too as they try to guillotine any moderate republican. In someway the wing nuts won here because while the suit probably had a chilling effect on donors to the progressives, the oil and gas guys just turned on the money spigot for their groups.

Having said all this I now go on record as saying it probably would not hurt to know where some of this money comes from. What is wrong with a little sunshine?

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